Porridge Bowls Are Winter's Warm and Cozy Answer to Smoothie Bowls

Cold, frosty smoothie bowls look amazing on Instagram, but just don’t hit right when it’s freezing outside. Time to switch to something that will warm you to your core, yet looks like a work of art. Porridge bowls are what you need. Oatmeal is a type of porridge, but porridge can be any boiled grains, veggies or legumes. Here, a basic ingredient gets gussied up with cookies, candies and even chocolate. It’s more about aesthetics than health food, but these bowls taste great, too. These are some stunning examples of the porridge bowl trend. Christmasy, wintery or just cozy, you’ll want to tuck into one of these when you feel a chill!

Christine Leone
by Christine Leone
Dec 16, 2020