9 Spellbinding "Harry Potter" Treats to Pair With the Magical HBO Max Reunion

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” reunites cast members from the legendary eight-film franchise for the first time in a decade. Epic much? From Helena Bonham Carter making Daniel Radcliffe read a love letter he'd written her to interviews with fan favorites and more (Tom Felton and Emma Watson!), the nearly two-hour special is equal parts nostalgia and giddiness. All of the “Harry Potter” directors make appearances, and of course, there’s also amazing footage of the first screen test from the golden trio themselves. So, what better way to enjoy the reunion than with some magical themed fare? Read on for nine treats that are sure to elevate a spellbinding evening. 

Chloe Chow
by Chloe Chow
Jan 4, 2022