We See Your Holiday Charcuterie Boards and Raise You These 10 Charcuterwreaths

We are in a charcuterie boom, people. The appetizer has always been a big hit at parties, but now, we're turning anything into a charcuterie board (thanks, Instagram). And we don't even need a dinner party as an excuse anymore! I will happily construct a personal charcuterie board for a Friday night dinner-for-one any day, which bodes well for our 2020 holidays-at-home. Now, we already went through how charcuterie fans are updating the spread for the holidays, but today, we'd like to focus solely on charcuterwreaths. There's a special challenge in forming a round charcuterie board; it requires more deft and planning than your typical horizontal board and adds an extra festive kick to the whole thing. Here are our favorites -- vote yours to the top!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Dec 21, 2020