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Welcome to Dailybreak!

Welcome to Dailybreak, your hub for inspired lifestyle content in digestible and accessible bites. From easy-to-make recipe round-ups and home trends to adorable pet features and life hacks, everything you need for your everyday life is right here! Not sure what “points” and “sweepstakes” are on Dailybreak? You thought you were just here to learn a new recipe and play a memory match? You’re in for a treat, because Dailybreak is much more than just content (the best part is, it’s all free).


    In order for you to enter the variety of sweepstakes Dailybreak offers, you need to register with this site. It’s as easy as filling out your profile and verifying your email! Just like that, you’re a member of Dailybreak.


    Read a few articles, try your hand at some memory matches and impress your sixth-grade self with a trivia or two. This is why we created Dailybreak. Here, you forget your stress, immerse yourself in enjoyment and walk away with things that make your life easier, so that you can make other people’s lives better.


    Dailybreak offers you content and a chance to win a prize through our sweepstakes by earning points. How? Simply by reading an article or playing a game. It’s that easy. Hot tip: Sponsored stories are worth more points!


    What does each number next to a story on the homepage mean? They indicate the amount of points you earn by clicking on the story and interacting with it. The sponsored stories are worth more points, so they’ll get you closer to those big ticket items, like a $100 Southwest Airlines gift card. The more points you earn, the more points you can spend to enter into sweepstakes.

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