On Trend: Khloé K Defends Good American Campaign Photos Against Photoshop Trolls

Do people understand how camera lenses work? Khloé Kardashian was forced to defend a photo from her latest Good American campaign. The brand, which specializes in size-inclusive(-ish) denim, is expanding their shoe collection, and, as such, posted photos on Instagram honing in on the footwear, including one of Kardashian. It's quite obvious that the camera angle and lens are responsible for Khloé's feet looking stretched and her head looking huge, but apparently others didn't quite...get it, and called it a "Photoshop fail." Kardashian, who's plenty candid about her photo-editing obsession, took to Twitter to defend her photos. It's just a shoe campaign, people!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Feb 24, 2021