Are You More Loverboy or Spritz Society? A Peek Into the Bravo Battle over Hard Iced Tea

There's some very niche drama happening in the reality TV and influencer world, and we've got the deets: It's all about hard iced tea. First of all, you may have heard of Loverboy sparkling hard tea — it's a booze brand launched by Bravo's "Summer House" star Kyle Cooke in 2018 and basically his pride and joy. More recently, Claudia Oshry, longtime internet starlet and host of uber-popular pop culture podcast "The Toast," along with her sister and husband, launched their own sparkling wine brand: Spritz Society. Though the two drinks are similar, that fact alone wasn't enough to ~spark~ the drama — it was more behind-the-scenes and involves a completely different character, Craig Conover. Conover is a cast member on a different Bravo show, "Southern Charm," but is also good friends with Cooke (the two filmed "Winter House" together and Conover is dating Cooke's "Summer House" co-star Paige DeSorbo, so they often cross paths). When Oshry launched Spritz Society, Conover jumped in as an investor into what Cooke views as a direct competitor. Oshry, meanwhile, has been vocally unhappy about Cooke's comments on the deal. Is this "beef" fabricated to sell more booze? Probably, but now that you're caught up, find out what side of the battle you belong on: Loverboy or Spritz Society.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jun 26, 2024