Keep the Kids at Bay With These 7 Kool-Aid Crafts and Treats

Sure, there are plenty of ways to clean your house with Kool-Aid, but have we become that uncool? It doesn’t matter what year it is, kids love Kool-Aid. Right? What they’ll love even more (and you will, too, once they’re left to their own devices) is all the crazy things they can make with Kool-Aid besides, well, Kool-Aid. These seven DIY arts and crafts and summery treats go beyond egg coloring and hair dye, so you could, in essence, leave the kiddos with a new Kool-Aid craft every week of the summer. Where should you start? Vote your kid’s favorite craft to the top!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jul 6, 2019