11 Times Henry Golding Proved He Was a Fashion Icon

There's just something about a well-dressed man that makes him extra attractive. Am I the only one who feels this way? Don't get me wrong, I love sweats -- but it's that extra effort, when pulled off, that makes a guy exude confidence and style. Enter: Henry Golding. The man is no stranger to fashion, but I think we've all been sleeping on his 'fits. The "Crazy Rich Asians" star turns 34 today, so we're giving the actor's best looks their time in the sun! Golding has made it known that he's not afraid to play with patterns, prints and colors on the red carpet and in photoshoots -- think bold colors paired with tailored, preppy pieces. Now, there's a debonair leading man if I've ever seen one! You know what to do: Vote your favorite 'fit to the top.

Chloe Chow
by Chloe Chow
Feb 5, 2021