I Wasn't Into Gigi Hadid's Daughter's Name at First, but Does Its Meaning Change Your Mind, Too?

Gigi Hadid has quietly revealed the name of her and Zayn Malik's 4-month-old daughter via social media: At some point in the last 24 hours, her Instagram bio has changed to include the line, "Khai's mom." When we first heard the name, we weren't entirely on board. For one, we couldn't help immediately thinking of a certain "Vampire Diaries" universe villain, but other than that, it was just kind of...anticlimactic. The spelling, too, threw us off a bit. But Alyssa Bailey did some digging for Elle Magazine and found more meaning behind the name. First, Hadid's sister Bella's full name is Isabella Khair Hadid, likely in tribute to their late grandmother, whose name was Khairiah. Gigi was exceptionally close to her grandmother, who was reportedly a direct descendent of the Prince of Nazareth, King of Galilee from the 18th century, so says Hadid's father MohamedAnd, to tie it all up in a neat bow, the word "khai" in Arabic means "crowned." It all fits together quite nicely, actually. 

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jan 22, 2021