More and More Colleges Are Offering "Adulting" Classes, Because Apparently Gen Z Is Hopeless

A recent Los Angeles Times article details a trend that colleges and universities seem to be adopting more frequently: "adulting" classes, seminars designed to teach undergrads life skills. Courses bypass literature and calculus to go over those more "you should know this" things, like creating a personal budget or building a proper resume. At UC Berkley, for example, undergrads are even discussing balancing romantic relationships in the age of online dating. Now that classes like home economics have been all but eradicated in high schools, the Times said, "university classrooms [are] filled with students who scored a 5 on their AP Physics test, but struggle to plan for a week’s worth of groceries and meals."

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Dec 10, 2019