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Much of the news we consume in our digital age comes from social media. Unless you’re following popular Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, or Twitter threads, you’re late to the party! Dailybreak (and our Spanish site, el Dailybreak) will have it all here so you never miss a great sale, giveaways or a bit of celebrity gossip.

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Brigitte Carreiro
Senior Editor
On Dailybreak, Brigitte is either writing deep dives into the hidden meaning behind a movie character's haircut that nobody asked for or yelling about pugs and tacos -- there's no in-between.
Felipe Castro
Bilingual Content Manager
Felipe is the content manager of el Dailybreak and a native of Chile. He’s lived in three different countries and has nearly perfected his recipe for the ultimate Pisco Sour.
Kelly Lynch
Managing Editor
Kelly has covered everything from red carpet premieres to royal drama and once asked Chris Pine if he remembered the Genovian National anthem (he did not).
Hillary Bautch
Freelance Writer
Based in Los Angeles, Hillary likes old books, new shoes, black coffee and watching strangers fall down on ice skates.
Chloe Chow
Branded Content Writer
Chloe loves good movies, novels and food. In her spare time, she enjoys making faces in the mirror.
Emma Seraichick
Graphic Designer
Emma is our editorial and sponsored content designer. She can often be found having full blown conversations with herself while she practices the renegade and makes logos bigger.
Christine Leone
Freelance Writer
Christine's love of pop culture began at age 7 when she would read "TV Guide" cover to cover each week. She is currently working on a project to clone herself so that there are enough hours in the day to read all the books, watch all the movies and TV shows and listen to all the music. Her favorite form of entertainment is spending time with her husband and two sons, who provide her with a steady supply of bath bombs and tea.
Jill Serron
Freelance Writer
When Jill isn’t writing about food for DailyBreak, she’s reading about it online and inventing new recipes in her own kitchen.
Jack Connelly
Freelance Writer
Jack loves creating music-based content and playing Rugby.