Show Your Pup Some Well-Deserved Love With a Wüfers Cookie Box

Our pups have been there for us through the ups, downs and quarantines of our lives, and their love has never wavered. How do we repay such adoration? Enter Wüfers' Cookie BoxesEach themed box contains between nine and 20 unique dog cookies made with human grade, locally-sourced ingredients -- only the best for man's best friend, after all. Fresh-baked and hand-decorated, these boxes are curated with the care and detail that your dog deserves, making the possibilities and combinations for deliciousness endless. What do you say? Does your dog deserve the best? Check off every Wüfers cookie box you could celebrate your pup with and we'll tell you how they feel about it.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jul 28, 2020