Why you Should add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

Vitamin C serums have a cult following, and for good reasoning. Vitamin C is a necessary ingredient for tissue growth and restoration in many areas of our bodies, but it is not produced by our bodies naturally. The potent antioxidant may be found naturally in fruits and vegetables, but it's also available in skincare products like moisturizers, toners and serums. It also boasts a number of additional skin-healing qualities, making it deserving of a permanent spot in your bathroom cabinet. It can treat common complexion issues such as uneven skin tone, coarse texture, fine wrinkles, age spots, overall dullness and more. Name any skin issue and a vitamin C heavy skincare product is likely to be a suggested therapy. Read below on all of the reasons why vitamin C is the key to great skin. 

Mecca Fowler
by Mecca Fowler
Jun 28, 2021