What to Buy Your Mother-in-Law to Get on Her Good Side, Unlike Madi Prewett

On last night's finale of "The Bachelor," Pilot Pete Weber got engaged, broke it off and declared his love for someone else -- all in the same two-hour span. Weber joined the ranks of annoying Bachelor Nation men before him (namely Arie, who also broke off his engagement barely a month in to choose the other woman) when he told Hannah Ann Sluss he couldn't marry her because he still had stronger feelings for Madi Prewett. Cool. As if that wasn't drama enough, Peter's mom, Barbara, had words for her son's new flame, and they just were not nice. It's obvious that Peter's parents don't approve of his choice in potential wife, and we can't imagine how awkward it must be for all involved. Answer these questions and we'll tell you what gift to give your future mother-in-law so that, hopefully, it goes better than with the Webers.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Mar 11, 2020