U.K. Jeweler Sketches Fan Favorite Wedding Dresses, Vision Boards Explode

What's the best kind of challenge for a TV costume designer? A wedding dress, surely! Bridal gowns are a dime a dozen and are always heavily scrutinized, so the spotlight is really on the designers when it comes time for a character to get married. Especially given who these characters are; if you're dedicated to a show, you've probably been on your toes waiting for your favorite person to tie the knot, so the dress better be worth it! Not to mention the reveal of wedding gowns on your favorite show are perfect sources of inspiration. These sketches by U.K.-based jeweler Ingle & Rhode illustrate the fine detail that went into the designs of the most well-known TV weddings. Vote your favorite sketch to the top!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Apr 23, 2019