13 Tiny Things That Will Make You Feel Much More Productive in the New Year

New year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone. Half the time, inevitable mishaps end up leaving us feeling less resolute than we would have had we not made any at all. While you may have a couple of vague resolutions (call your grandmother more often, pick up a book when you can) or very specific, large-scale goals (travel to three new countries, meal prep four times per week), facing off against such daunting intentions can be scary -- and that’s not the effect we’re going for in the new year. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, though, there are some small things you can add to your routine that will make you feel eons more productive. Check off how many of these tiny rewarding objectives you think you can handle and we’ll see how steady your resolutions will be.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jan 2, 2020