Could You Compete With Beth on "The Queen's Gambit"? Find out During This Chess Trivia

If there was anything that could keep us distracted last week, it was Netflix. Luckily, the platform came out with a gorgeously addictive (pun intended) series just in time: "The Queen's Gambit." Starring Anya Taylor-Joy ("Emma") as a chess prodigy with addiction issues, the story pulls you in from the start -- even if you've never played a game of chess in your life. The series has been raved about again and again on social media -- Halsey, too, is a fan -- and remains at the forefront of Netflix's top 10 programs in the country. As much as we love watching Beth Harmon play chess, would you be able to compete with her? Solve this chess rules trivia to be on your way toward a Grandmaster title.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Nov 9, 2020