Seek Some Serenity Now by Guessing Who Said Each of These "Seinfeld" Quotes

When one door closes, a window opens: Netflix may be saying goodbye to "The Office" come 2021, but another beloved sitcom will hit the streaming service. That's right -- Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and even Newman will be found on laptop screens the world over, as Netflix announced today that they've secured the worldwide rights. And for those Hulu users, don't get a big head. Sure, "Seinfeld" is available there now, but Netflix's ownership of the series will begin just as Hulu's ends; there'll be no duel platform-ing going on (plus, Netflix doesn't have ads, ha!). Are you enough of a "Seinfeld" fan for this to matter to you, though? See if you remember who said these iconic quotes.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Sep 16, 2019