Sea Salt Can Improve Your Health and Wellness, If You Know How to Use It

The wellness industry is becoming a monetary hot bed for everyone from fitness studios to Instagram influencers, and while the discussion around its existence is just heating up, new classes and therapies are always circulating. One of the newer and barely-researched ideas is halotherapy, or salt therapy; spas and resorts are creating “salt caves,” where microparticles of sea salt is ground into a dry aerosol and dispersed throughout a large space to simulate the climate of a salt mine. The practice started in the 1800s, when doctors noticed that salt miners has less respiratory problems than other miners. While there’s very little, if any, research into whether these modern salt caves (300 or so of them in the United States) can improve things like allergies, acne, arthritis or respiratory ailments, sea salt (the particles leftover from evaporated sea water) can benefit your body and mind in other ways. Do you know how?

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Aug 7, 2019