A Salute to All the Pregnants Who Walk the Red Carpet With Graceful Dignity

Anne Hathaway, pregnant with her second child with husband Adam Schulman, arrived at the premiere of Prime Video's new anthology series, "Modern Love," in an off-shoulder blouse that flowed to the ground looking like her baby bump was made to walk the red carpet. "When you're this pregnant, you have no choice but to saunter. Like, it's either a saunter or a waddle," she told Entertainment Tonight good-naturedly. "So if you slow the waddle down, you can sometimes manage a saunter." It made me think about all the other moms-to-be who have showed up at red carpets this year while they were carrying -- think about their poor feet! The following 10 women made being pregnant while being photographed and wearing tight clothes instead of sweats look downright easy. Vote your favorite bun-in-the-oven red carpet look to the top!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Oct 11, 2019