Could Pottery Barn's "Friends" Collection BE Any More Charming?

On September 22, "Friends" will officially turn 25, meaning we'll have had a quarter century of "PIVOT!" jokes, over two decades of "unagi" references and way too many completed "Which 'Friends' Character Are You?" quizzes -- and the world is celebrating. A pop-up shop in New York City is in the works, for example, where fans will be able to interact with set recreations and props to reminisce about everything "Friends" has brought us over the years -- including a fake turkey we can wear over our heads, loved-up-Monica-style. In the meantime, Pottery Barn knows that we know they know we know about their new "Friends"-themed collection. Every piece is quintessentially perk-y and will fit into anyone's home, from the Gunther-level obsessives to those that don't even have a "pla." Shop the selection starting today!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jul 30, 2019