How Many of These Products Will You Use to Make Mercury Retrograde Go Smoother?

We’re not telling you to panic, but here’s what’s going on: Mercury is heading into retrograde for the last time this year on Oct. 31. Yep, Halloween night. As if All Hallow’s Eve wasn’t spooky enough, now we’ve got a wayward planet to worry about. That, and the retrograde is in Scorpio this time around; for you non-astrology junkies, this basically means that things are going to be a little more intense, as Scorpio rising signs tend to be. In the interest of getting through this together, we’ve rounded up some products that are meant to calm, ease and de-stress. Check off every one you think you’ll need and we’ll let you know how your retrograde season will go.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Oct 9, 2019