Let's Help You Rock the Best "Mullet" While Working From Home

Working from home may be more relaxing than commuting to the office every morning, but sometimes we can't get quite as comfortable as we'd like. Now that a lot of us are home right now as a means to a germ-free end, video conference calls are becoming a lot more common. Not only are they crucial to get work done, but a video call can be a welcome reprieve when the only other face you've seen for a week is your cat's. But while we want to encourage video-chatting, we don't want to encourage wearing jeans -- that's just torture. Enter: the mullet. Harkening back to the classic (if we want to call it that) haircut, you can apply the same principles to your outfit: business up top, party on the bottom. Here's how to do it seamlessly.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Mar 27, 2020