Which Happily Datebox Will Spruce up Your Love Life?

Are your date nights getting a bit sleepy? No shame in that -- there's only so many times your dinner-and-a-movie charade can be exciting, but it doesn't mean time with your significant other has to be sacrificed! Enter Happily, your source for nurturing the sparks in your relationship. Happily offers a subscription-based Datebox scheme: For $40/month, Happily will send a curated, themed Datebox (everything from dance lessons, dessert recipes and wine tastings) for everything you need to have an exciting date night right at home. Ingredients, accessories and even quirky games are included in every box, plus a personalized Spotify playlist. Your Friday nights are about to get spunky. What kind of date night would rock your relationship's world? (Pro tip: If you just put a ring on it, their new Happily Engaged planner is A+.)

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jun 17, 2019