Pick out Your Favorite Halloween Decor & Find out How Spooky Your Season Will Be

Come Halloween night, do you usually have the eeriest house on the block, or are you typically that lights-out, unseasonal place? Some of us love to get spooky, but others aren't into all that hocus pocus. It's easy to tell who's who, though: Just take a stroll past their yard once October 1 comes around. The most ghoulish of souls will have a full-on "Halloweentown" setup in their front yard, and the other side of the spectrum, well, it'll be a miracle if they put a bowl of candy out on their porch for trick-or-treaters. Check off every type of Halloween decoration you string up and we'll tell you where you lie.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Oct 7, 2019