This Instagram Video Has Me Falling Deeper in Love With Great Danes

I think Great Danes are adorable, even though I've never owned one. I follow several of them on Instagram and TikTok and whenever I see one at the dog park I stop and watch it play with puppies and other small dogs as if it were their size. They're just so cute! Today I came across a video of Margo the Great Dane, who was caught using her owner's dog gate as a jumpy toy of sorts. "Here is Margot disrespecting the gate. It happens all darn day," her owner, @greatdaneapparel jokingly wrote. "It took her 3 years before she figured out how to jump the gate." The good news is that when she's in the kitchen, Margo never takes anything from the counter without permission. Her owner can't say the same thing about her siblings, Parker and Viola, though...

Kelly Lynch
by Kelly Lynch
Mar 21, 2021