DIY Diaries: How to Make and Use Chalkboard Paint for All Your Home Decor Needs

Are you a bona fide DIY-er, or would you rather purchase a set of coasters and call it a day? Not everyone has a flair for the creative, but if you can make rather than buy, shouldn’t you? Since chalkboard paint hit the markets, it's been repurposed for every kind of project you can think of: make a color-safe wall for your kids or a calendar to remind your mom not to miss her Zumba class. The possibilities are endless. So, are you down to get crafty or will you have to make a Home Goods run? Check off all the chalkboard DIY crafts you'd try out and we'll send you on your way.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jan 16, 2020