The "Aladdin" Remake Isn't Necessarily a Whole New World, but It's SO Worth Talking About

In a continuation of the many Disney live-action remakes coming this year (we were already blessed with "Dumbo" and still have "The Lion King" to look forward to), the "Aladdin" premiere led off in Hollywood with magic carpet backdrops and Arabian nights-themed attire. Jada Pinkett Smith, there in support of her husband Will, who you must know by now reprised the Genie role, even wore some blue harem pants and a matching, bedazzled crop top to evoke the iconic character. The remake somehow molded the old and new, renewing fan-favorite songs and staying true to the plot while seamlessly weaving Will Smith's signature Bel-Air flair and the feminism movement into the story. Are these points from the original film memorable?

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
May 22, 2019