Ready to Get Spooked? October's Netflix Round-up Is Prepped for Halloween

Halloween's coming a bit early, witches! Spooky content on the roster next month includes films like "Scream 2," Stephen King and Joe Hill's "In the Tall Grass" and "Sinister 2," as well as series that will scare the pants off of you, like season 2 of both "Creeped Out" and "Haunted." For non-horror fans, don't fret -- there's plenty for you, too, like a Cardi B-led music competition, the "Breaking Bad" film, newly-engaged Jenny Slate's first comedy special for the platform and the much-anticipated Paul Rudd/Paul Rudd film. Oh, and season 5 of "Schitt's Creek" is showing up, so you can finally blow through the whole series before season 6 drops. Rife with Halloween party possibilities, I'd say.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Sep 18, 2019