8 Books and Authors That Can Help Provide Some Comfort During Trying Times

When times are tough, a lot of us turn to books to take a break from our surroundings. Talk about escapism; a well-written novel (hell, even a not-so-well-written novel) can take us to worlds far beyond our imagination, allowing us to get away from whatever stressors and anxieties are happening in the real world. Nowadays, I find myself turning to books even more -- and not because I have such a surplus of time to whittle down my TBR pile. Not only can reading act as an escape at times like these, but it's also a way to feel productive while...not doing that much! It keeps your brain working, even if you're sprawled out on the couch. These eight books and authors, especially, let us break from our lives while leaving behind the warm and fuzzies. Time to pick one up!

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Mar 25, 2020