Are You a Beer Guy Through and Through? Let These Brew-Based Cocktails Decide

If you dabble in drinks, you probably naturally gravitate to a certain breed of booze. Beer drinkers can range from Bud Light loyalists or craft brew hobbyists; vinos, even if they’re no sommelier, take their sipping seriously; and cocktail gurus are able to tell you exactly what liqueur was used in a concoction after one taste. But what happens when two are -- gasp -- combined? Where do you stand then? A good sangria is a staple and prosecco mixed drinks are always bubbly goodness, but a lesser-known entity is available in beer cocktails. Check off which of these sound tasty to you and we’ll tell you if you’re truly a beer guy after all.

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jul 31, 2019