Find out If You're Better at Ballet Than Cardi B With This Trivia

We never thought we'd see Cardi B in a tutu, but anything really is possible in 2020. Don't worry -- she isn't making a career shift, she's just trying something new! Yesterday on Instagram, Cardi revealed her new web show, a Facebook Watch series called "Cardi Tries." In each 20-minute episode, which will drop on Facebook every Thursday, Cardi will be challenging herself to hobbies and experiences "way outside of her comfort zone." First up? Ballet! In the debut episode, actress, director, choreographer and former ballerina herself Debbie Allen tries to tame the "WAP" rapper and morph her into a graceful dancer...with a few slip-ups, of course. Why don't you try some ballet trivia, okurrr?

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Dec 18, 2020