The Many Conquests of Alexis Rose: A "Schitt’s Creek" Trivia

As "Schitt's Creek" begins its final season, I'm sad for a lot of reasons. This show is way too good for us, with an unexpected but perfect sense of humor and characters that barely seem real yet grow on you so thoroughly. One of the parts I'll miss the most, though, is hearing all about Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy)'s dating scene. And, because Jessica Toomer of Uproxx is a star, her relationship history has been documented in impressive detail. Sure, she and Ted will likely be together forever (so long as they survive the six-month Galapagos trip), but Alexis has been around the block and back, and the conquests are too much. Can you make sense of them?

Brigitte Carreiro
by Brigitte Carreiro
Jan 7, 2020